Fraction Munchers in Spanish
Fraction Munchers in Spanish
Number Munchers in Spanish

Translating MECC's Munchers games

These two simple programs, written while I was working for ASAE, S.C. a mexican company specialized in educational software allow to automatically translate an original copy of Number or Fraction Munchers into Spanish.

Both installers really just replace all the resources that contain English text, like menus, dialogs and controls, with Spanish text resources. However, these products proved very useful since they allowed many Mexican children to use these great titles, published by MECC, previously only available in English.

Using the same method, I tried to translate a third Muncher program, Super Munchers. In order to support accents I had to modify the program's code. Since the program was originally written in C, this proved to be quite easy. Optimizing one routine in assembly language allowed me to save enough bytes to stuff a small patch that could do the job. However a major problem remained since the font used by SuperMunchers did not include accents. I was able to solve this problem too on my machine but then the installer did only work properly on a reduced number of Macintosh models. Since I was quite busy I never found time to try to debug the code and the installer for Super Munchers was never released. Too bad...

Since I was working for ASAE, S.C. at the time I developed these products I cannot distribute them.

Spanish Munchers