TI-58 calculator

Programming the TI-58 was a great introduction to software development. The programming language was very close to assembly language. That made it easy for me to learn programming the 6502 processor a couple of years later. Nowadays, most computer science students do not learn assembly anymore. In fact, many move directly to Java or other "modern" programming languages. From my point of view, this is a shame. There are many basic concepts that students will never understand if they don't start with the basics.

Mine Field

This was my first game. The player had to cross a matrix that contained a number of mines. Once the goal had been reached, two heat seaking robots tried to kill you before you returned to the safety of the home base. In order to win, the player had to drive the robots on cells that contained mines to destroy them in a terrible explosion.

Yes, I know, this was a very simple game, but I wrote it in 1980, so please bear with me. What was really inexcusable is that I ported this game years later to the AS/400, using RPG.

Texas Instruments TI-58