When you are passionate about any topic, it is natural to share that passion with others. With the advent of the Internet and new media, there are now so many different ways to share, build new relationships and engage in interesting conversations, that there is simply no excuse for not doing it. Here is a sample of what I have been doing over the years.

Books, Magazines and Articles

Una introducción a Cloud Computing


When I was a kid looking to learn how to program my new computer in Switzerland, I bought a book from Nicole Bréau Pouliquen, called "Clefs pour l'Apple II". It was an excellent book and I may never have learned 6502 assembler if she hadn't written it. Later, when I was wondering how arcade games could be so fast, I stumbled on an article by Chris Jochumson, "Arcade Graphics" in Call-A.P.P.L.E, a great magazine for that platform. That three page long article got me started. I may never have published a game without the help from both authors. That is why I have always wanted to write technical books. I want to give back and hopefully help someone.


IT Insight en español

IT Insight

In 2006 I started a podcast in Spanish called IT Insight. So far I have only published 14 episodes that cover mainly Enterprise Computing topics such as XML, SOA, BPM and Cloud Computing.

I really believe that podcasting is a great way to share knowledge, but it is definitively an endeavour that requires a deep level of commitment.


WebSphere Labs

WebSphere Labs

Part of my job responsability at IBM used to include helping our customers learn new technologies. IBM offers formal training for all WebSphere products, however sometimes our customer require specialized training on a particular topic. That is why I sometimes prepared training material when nothing was available on that subject. IBM publishes a lot of material for developers on sites like Developerworks but that material had to be written in English (there is a Developerworks site in Spanish now) and my customers prefered to use documents written in Spanish. That is why decided at the time to publish these hands-on labs on my site.