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Jigsaw! 1.0

When the Apple IIgs came out I knew I just had to buy one, since it had the same UI than the Mac (and it was much cheaper). I spent a whole week-end playing with GS/Write and GS/Paint, the equivalents of Mac Write and Mac Paint. I was eager to write an application that could use the Toolbox APIs but the problem was that I had absolutely no need for any kind of application. Since I really wanted to start programming I settled on the first idea that crossed my mind...

I do recognize that Jigsaw! was not a great product and that it was not based on the greatest idea but hey, I wrote it over the next week-end and it sold over 100,000 copies (yes that is right, over one hundred thousands copies). Boy, I felt like Bill Gates! (You know, the guy who made billions selling crappy software).

The fact is that I do not like to write crappy software. Therefore I later wrote an update to the game which was supposed to be released under the name Jigsaw Deluxe. Unfortunately, by that time Apple IIgs sales were already declining and my editor was in financial trouble. Therefore, the game was never released. Thirty years later, I was finally able to recover this lost application. You can now finally download it to help me ease my pain…

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Jigsaw! The ultimate electronic puzzle