Java Strip Blackjack

Strip Blackjack 1.0

This is a Java version of a game that I wrote years ago for my first Mac (IIci) in assembly language and that I have also recently rewritten for Mac OS X in Objective-C using the Cocoa framework. Unless you do not have a current Mac you will have much more fun playing that version which can be downloaded from here.



In late 1998 Spain toughened their laws regarding driving under the influence of alcohol as well as speeding. As part of their campaign to increase the awareness on the changes they comissioned a Spanish company to develop a web site to support the campaign. Although I had moved to Mexico a couple of years earlier, one of my friends asked me to develop a couple of Java games for the site. That was avery simple job since I used my MAE library (Macintosh Application Environment) . It allowed me to quickly develop a high quality applet that my customers seemed to enjoy. If you speak Spanish you can play it too.

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Copilot 1.0

This small applet was written in the early java years to allow users of an online agenda application to send a message to a contact simultaneously to an e-mail address as well as a Skytel device.

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