This is my Java page. I have been a Java programmer since this language first became available for the Mac platform. At that time, code portability was my main concern and since I didn't want to switch to Windows, it seemed the logical choice. In the early days, Java could almost only be used to create dynamic content on web pages, but that changed dramatically over the next couple of years. Today almost every kind of application can be written in Java, from MIDlets that run on cellular phones or PDAs to triggers and stored procedures that run inside enterprise databases such as DB2, Informix or Oracle. Right now no other platform independent language (or even C# for that matter) can make similar claims. This is very important for IT Managers who want to avoid having to manage islands of programmers that cannot work together because they possess very different skills. However, this is even more important for programmers who want to be able to grow professionally and take on new challenges without being held back by the platform they are familiar with.

Although I have written much Java just for fun, most of my programming work with this language has been related with enterprise applications running on the WebSphere Application Server, which should come as no surprise since I have been working at IBM since 2001.