Working with universities

March 24th, 2022
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I haven’t written much in this blog over the last few years but I have been very active working with schools and universities as part of my current role at IBM. This is something that I enjoy quite a bit and it has allowed me to meet a lot of wonderful people devoted to education which is a subject that has always fascinated me, starting in the mid-80s when I wrote Teacher’s Wizard, an early courseware app for the Apple II.

Universities are eager to get help from the leading companies like IBM to talk about industry trends and hot new technologies. Over the last two years those topics include Digital transformation, Cloud Computing, Quantum Computing, AI, Kubernetes / OpenShift, etc. I have been fortunate enough to be invited by many leading Mexican universities to discuss these and other topics with their students and faculty members.

Unfortunately, due to the pandemic, most of the presentations I have given over the last two years have been remote. On the bright side, some of those can now be found on YouTube (all in Spanish):

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