Huibert Aalbers
This is the home page of Huibert Aalbers. I love technology and building new things. I have spent over thirty years developing software, originally in assembly language, later in C and Java and more recently in Objective-C and Swift. The goal of this page is to share some of these projects with old and new friends.

Over the years I have lived in many different countries (see pictures above) which means that, in order to stay in touch with my friends abroad, I had to settle on a language for this site that everyone could understand, English. That said, English was the very last language I learned, which means that you may very well find some weird sentences and expressions on this site. Please bear with me. Also, although all the site's content is written in English, you will find that some of the books, articles and podcasts are either in Spanish or French.

Featured projects

Introducción a Cloud Computing
Cloud Computing
SoundSmith for the Apple IIgs
Instant Intranet
Instant Intranet
CityListBuilder for iMovie
CityListBuilder for iMovie '09