Putting my Apple TV to good use

August 22nd, 2007
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When I bought my Apple TV I was planning to use it primarily to watch video podcasts on my plasma TV. It turned out not to be such a great plan, I have many devices already connected to it and there where no connections left. Since my wife hasn’t bought into the benefits of ipTV, the device was left virtually unused for several months.

However, since becoming a manager I have been working harder and exercising less. As a result I have been slowly gaining weight. Don’t worry this blog entry is not about fat blogging, I sincerely believe that the whole concept is quite silly. Since I do not want that trend to continue I have decided to take action. Last Saturday I bought a treadmill and a new LCD television set to which I have connected my Apple TV. Now I can exercise early in the morning while watching my favorite TV shows and video podcasts.

Since I have only been exercising for only five days I do not know if this will yield any results, but what I can assure is that exercising while watching TV is really fun. Yesterday I walked just over three miles and if I hadn’t run out of podcasts I would have worked out longer. As a result I have a message for Robert Scoble. I used to hate you and Podtech.net for being so prolific because it was becoming hard to keep the pace with all the shows you produce. Now the situation has changed, I need your help, I need more content to get fit quickly…

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  1. David Says:

    I hope that you don’t mind that I added your “$100 Bounty offered for development of Apple TV utilities” to the Software Bazaar wiki.

    Do you know of any other organization that promotes “bounties” (also called “street performer protocol”) for programmers?